The Amsterdam University Medical Center, University of Amsterdam (formerly known as the Academic Medical Center) was established in 1983, and is currently the largest referral center for patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the Netherlands. About 300 patients are treated per year. For esophageal cancer, the hospital holds a similarly leading position.

Brummelkamp art gallery. The hospital is filled to the rim with art


Spurred by the number of patients treated in our institute, the need for a better understanding of the disease, and the close collaborations between the departments involved in the treatment of this disease has led to the establishment of the AMC biobank for pancreatic carcinoma – BioPAN, BiOES, and the Bijlsma Lab.

Host laboratory

The Bijlsma Lab is part of the larger Laboratory for Experimental Oncology and Radiobiology (LEXOR, 10 year anniversary in 2015), headed by prof. Jan Paul Medema. Research in the department focuses on the biology driving gastrointestinal tract tumors, and how to target the underlying processes.


Professor Medema suffering dearly on the Alpe d’Huez, raising money for cancer research. 

Collaborating departments


Images from Beeldbank Stadsarchief Amsterdam, Sander Meisner, and by Bart Jekel.